The 2017 Gift Guide for Digital Marketers

by Dec 19, 2017Digital Marketing

It is more likely than not that most of us have that someone in our lives who is in Digital Marketing and seems to always be up on the latest tech or gadget trends. Normally, this is no big deal, but then you pulled his or her name out of the hat for the gift exchange this year and now you are actually required to buy a gift that you hope they will approve. I can feel your anxiety increasing by the mere thought of this task. You can relax now… we have you covered.


Here are 10 gift ideas for the marketer in your life:

Brian Eno Ambient Music

1. Brian Eno’s ‘Music for Airports’ Ambient Collection

There’s nothing that screams, “I’m an inspired creative marketer” quite like a nearly endless loop of ambient and lyricless tunes reminiscent of one’s college radio glory days. This collection will inspire thoughts from its recipient ranging anywhere from “Wow, he or she really gets me”, to “My respect for you has increased 4 fold!”

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2. The Social Network on Digital Download

A “loosely based on true events” film documenting the perceived arrogance and smug demeanor of Mark Zuckerberg and the uber entitled Winklevoss twins in your pocket at all times? Yes, please!

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Warby Parker Gift Card

3. Warby Parker Gift Card

Getting tired of seeing them rock those same burnt amber vintage carraway specs for the third consecutive holiday gathering or social event? Politely encourage them to consider an update to their futile facial facade by referring them to our friends at Warby Parker.

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Swift Cup Premium Instant Coffee

4. Swift Cup Premium Instant Coffee

If you are constantly worried that your friend or loved one may not endure the journey from one coffee shop to the other coffee shop and/or craft brewery across the block, this gift will allow you to rest comfortably knowing that there will be absolutely no lapse in proper caffeination. But seriously, it really is a great product.

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Spinner Box Subscription

5. Spinner Box Subscription

You guessed it, a monthly subscription box dedicated to those oh so trendy and incredibly obnoxious ball bearing charged finger fads.

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Head Case Luggage Cover

6. Head Case Luggage Cover

Ensure that there’s never any confusion as to whose suitcase is whose during those delightful airport experiences with this unique gift idea. As if their heads weren’t big enough…

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HashMe Hashtag Generator App

7. HashMe Hashtag Generator App

This more than 3 but less than 4 star rated app will allow the digital marketer in your life to identify more people who will likely ignore their instatweet of their favorite burrito or bowl of Pho. On the upside though, it may help them identify trending topics in order to be a better marketer on social media.

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SlumberType App

8. SlumberType App

The only thing more disorganized than a digital marketer’s desk is likely their sleep schedule. This app analyzes DNA, environment and behaviors to help you get better rest.

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Re-mark-able Whiteboard Paint

9. Re-mark-able Whiteboard Paint

Probably the most functional item on this list. Our parents spent years telling us not to write on the walls…well obviously one of us grew up and decided to invent this brilliant idea so they could say “No” to their mother one last time. This paint will allow you to turn a wall or section of a wall into a whiteboard for ongoing creativity and disorganized organization.

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Smart Toaster

10. Smart Toaster

For the culinary marketer in your life that is constantly informing you of their toaster related mishaps ruining pop tarts and butchering bread slices. This bluetooth connected toaster ensures that they will never char another english muffin ever again.

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Here are 8 gift ideas you should probably avoid:


1. Scented Candle

Although this can sometimes be a good gift idea, you are really just rolling the dice here. When it comes to the particular scent one has to either enjoy or endure long after the Christmas tree has been drug out behind the shed and burned and you are back to your normal consequence free routine, they might be curled up in the corner of their office breaking out in hives fighting both a migraine and a bad case of nausea from the toxic chemical asphyxiation cascading from a bad scented candle. Just avoid this possibility altogether.

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Desk Calendar

2. Desk Calendar

There are cheaper ways to say, “I got you a doodle pad.”

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Popcorn Tin

3. The Popcorn Bucket

Would YOU want three flavors of stale popcorn shoved in a Thomas Kinkade replica tin shipped to you from Mexico so that it can sit in your pantry for the next decade? Actually, now I’m kinda hungry.

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4. A Donation has been made in your name to…

If you’re old enough to think this is a good idea, then you’ve probably been around long enough to have seen that Seinfeld episode where George tries to pull this off as a way to avoid buying gifts for people. Just don’t go there.

Bluetooth Unisex Gloves

5. Bluetooth Unisex Gloves

I know that you want to be cool and try and find a techy gift for your techy digital marketer friend or relative, but if you come across this item while browsing the ‘products that didn’t quite catch on’ section at Marshalls, TJMaxx, or the Burlington Coat Factory…move on.

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Tikker Life Countdown Watch

6. Tikker Life Countdown Watch

Again, presented as a hip tech gadget that is advertised as a “carpe diem” type of device intended to encourage one to use their time wisely, don’t waste your life, etc. In reality, it is simply a watch that counts down to your death. Zoloft prescription not included.

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Desktop Drum Set

7. Desktop Drum Set

Unless you have “Find a way to get an entire office to curse my name” somewhere on your bucket list, you are not allowed to entertain this gift idea.

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Smart Hair Brush

8. Smart Hair Brush

For $200, you can effectively tell someone, “I don’t think you are capable of brushing your hair on your own,” by presenting them with the Nokia Hair Coach.

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Helpful? Feel better? Now that you are properly equipped to go shopping, you can relax and enjoy a cup of what used to be room temperature coffee, magically transformed by this handy coffee mug warming device.

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