Four Reasons You Should Be Taking Advantage of Marketing Automation

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a�?Marketing automation.a�? It’s a term we’ve been hearing a lot about in the past few years, and for good reason: 49% of companies are using marketing automation, a whopping 11 times more than in 2011.

Marketing automation is built to stay one step ahead of you, doing the grunt work of a marketing department. You can set it up to automate certain tasks, such as emails, social media campaigns, or lead generation – which is great, since 74% of marketers say that their top priority is converting leads. Automating these tasks allow you to focus your time and effort on insight and strategy. Because of its power, it’s something we recommend to most of our clients.

Why you should be using marketing automation

It saves you time and money.

Marketing automation programs do all the heavy lifting for you. They set up lead nurturing and campaigns that can be automatically triggered to begin based on certain actions, or lack thereof. This type of work would require a large marketing team, but with marketing automation, one or two employees can handle the entire process for a small to medium sized business. 74% of marketing automation users say that the largest benefit from using the software is the ability to save them time.

Creating email campaigns is time-consuming, but extremely profitable: segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue. While over 60% of marketers use email blasts to communicate with their customers, only 13% of them are using marketing automation software. The amount of time saved by a marketing automation software is time that could be spent on campaign strategies and insights. It’s not only helping you improve customer engagement – it’s helping you grow your bottom line.

Find out which campaigns are efficient and effective.

Which campaigns are creating the most leads? Which campaigns are losing you money? The beautiful thing (literally) about marketing automation is that it allows you to visually see your customers’ journeys. Allowing you to see it allows you to plan for it accordingly. Seeing your customers go through the marketing funnel lets you discover the drop off points, the triggers you should be setting up, and which leads you should be targeting. Find out which customers responded to which campaigns so you can spend your money on the campaigns that are getting you leads and cut down on the campaigns that aren’t.

It helps make your sales for you.

Better planning = more opportunities for upselling or cross selling. Marketing automation programs can easily determine which of your customers are more likely to be persuaded to upgrade their purchases, so it can help you increase the value of your leads and customers.

For example, say you run a business that sells shoes online and you have a customer who just bought leather boots. You can have that purchase trigger a marketing campaign that will notify that customer about new boots that come out in the future, or trigger emails that tell them about leather protectants you sell. Personalizing your customers’ campaigns based on their purchase history and activity will help build a long-lasting relationship with your customers. Personalized emails have been proven to have a 27% higher unique click-through-rate and an 11% higher open rate than those of non-personalized emails.

Save time on social media.

By now, it’s old news that social media is important for your business: after all, ‘ of the world uses social networks regularly. In 2015, 64% of marketers were using social media for at least 6 hours a week.

While social media scheduling isn’t a new phenomenon, now most marketing automation programs include the power and capabilities of tools like Hootsuite. Set up all of your social media campaigns in one easy-access dashboard, so that you just have to log in to one place to be able to post in multiple places. Automating your social media posts and ads saves you at least 6 hours per week, while keeping your audience updated with new and relevant content. It gives you the ability to plan your social media campaigns far in advance, and determine which posts should go to which target audience.

a�?I get it, marketing automation is great. Now where do I start?a�?

Like anything, it’s hard to suggest a�?the best -insert tool here- ever,a�? for the sheer fact that what’s best for another company might not be what’s best for you. If you’re looking into diving into the sea of marketing automation tools, you have to consider what you really want to get out of your software, along with your budget and audience size.

For those who are looking into trying out the power of marketing automation, we suggest MailChimp: it’s free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month, and has a wide range of services. There are paid options that allow more subscribers and emails and an array of other features, but it’s a great place to start for companies that aren’t sure how much they want to invest into automation yet. Here are some of it’s best features:

Social Media Campaigns

Create ads for Facebook or Instagram, and decide which customers or potential customers you want to target. MailChimp even offers reporting to show you which ads are making you money.

Email Campaigns

Since MailChimp has been in the email business for quite a while, we know they’re experts in the industry. Now you can set up email automation once, and MailChimp will do the rest of the heavy lifting. The automation allows you to stay in contact with your email list to keep and build those relationships with your customers with welcome and birthday emails. MailChimp will create personalized emails for your customers based on their purchase history, by asking for feedback on previous purchases, reminding them to renew memberships, recommending related products, and even utilizing abandoned cart recovery by encouraging customers to complete what they’ve left behind in their online shopping carts.

MailChimp’s user friendly interface makes it easy to build the types of automations you need, by customizing triggers and send times that are unique to your business, so you can connect with your customers.

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