Google’s Keyword Tool FINALLY Shows Actual Numbers!

by Jul 9, 2008Legacy

“Ooh, look the bar is like ummmm, 75% green…that’s good, right? That’s like…a lot of searches, isn’t it?”

That was my usual thought when using the Google keyword tool. But no longer!

I logged on to their keyword tool today to do a search and what did I see in my results? THE SEARCH VOLUME IN NUMBERS!! Google finally got it through their head that those little bar graphs showing the average search volume just wasn’t cutting it anymore, especially not with other tools such as Wordtracker providing actual numerical data. (I would mention Yahoo’s Overture tool, but they finally put that tool out of its misery – you can read more about the Overture shutdown over at Search Engine Roundtable.

It is SO much more powerful to be able to find the actual number of searches for a given keyword on Google, even if it’s an average. We spend a TON of money on Google every month, the least they can do is give us as in-depth data as possible in return!

It’s not really surprising that they finally made this change, since they’ve already released Google Ad Planner and Google Trends with numbers with the purpose of hiding nothing from users.

Anybody read TV Guide? They always had a Cheers & Jeers section.

Well ‘Cheers!’ Google, for finally giving an actual number for approximate search volume.

‘Jeers!’ for taking so dang long to do it!

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