How Do I Contact Google Adwords?

by May 7, 2012Legacy

Contacting Google Adwords

A while back I had a client’s brand new Adwords account get a�?permanently suspendeda�? within 1 week without ever running a single ad.A� That’s actually a new record for me!

All joking aside, I had never run into that issue before, especially since I knew there was NOTHING within the campaign that violated any policies of Google.A� I think the warning gave me 2 reasons ‘ violating terms and conditions and some kind of billing issue.

It took me 2 weeks to get the issue resolved! Google restored the account but never told me what the problem actually was.A� My guess ‘ an error on their part.

But what’s my real beef with that situation? Getting in touch with anyone at Adwords and getting a STRAIGHT answer out of them was dang near impossible.

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< Rant >

If you’ve never had to try and contact Adwords (except for help with account set up), count yourself lucky.A� For a billion dollar company, Google sure isn’t splurging on Adwords support.A� And while their a�?Adwords Helpa�? section is quite extensive ‘ trying to get answers to your unique issue is like pulling teeth.

Sure, they make it look easy ‘ there’s a nice little Contact Us button with a phone, chat and email option ‘ plus a page dedicated to a�?How do I contact Google Adwords?a�?

And yet, when I called, I spoke with someone who couldn’t answer a single question I had, and only fed me obviously scripted responses such as a�?It looks like you may be violating our advertising policies, I will have to look into the matter further.a�?A� And a�?We will look into this and email you.a�?

And of course, since most of their employees are half way across the world, getting a quick response is not going to happen.A� Considering how much Google makes, is 24/7 support too much to ask?A� Waiting 1-2 business days for an email that says a�?we’re still investigating the mattera�? isn’t exactly fun when you’ve got a client waiting for an update.

The a�?Contact Usa�? via email option has gotten better.A� It used to be they’d make you read through a ton of help articles before finally landing you on a page with a form you could use.A� Now you can at least get right to that form via the aforementioned a�?Contact Google Adwordsa�? page.

I don’t know…maybe I’m crazy ‘ maybe I’m the only one who’s run into this problem.A� Based on some searches I did at the time of this incident though, I don’t think I’m the only one that would like to knock some sense into Adwords Support.

To be fair, they’ve gotten better.A� Somewhat.A� I still think they’ve got a ways to go though.

< /Rant >

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