Case Study: Fashion

Case Study: Fashion



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Increasing Site Visibility

As the largest American bridal-store chain, this company specializes in wedding dresses, prom gowns, and other special occasion dresses.


Although this company is an established brand, they did not have a strong online presence. Because they didn’t sell their dresses online, they needed to bring customers into their stores.


They needed to generate more traffic to the 75 signature stores across the U.S., while increasing their online brand presence.


We performed a site clean-up and an outreach campaign that increased overall site visibility by 48% in the first year. There were over 290,000 goal completions in the second year*.

We continued to build unique pages for each individual store location, as well as pages for special lines. With SEO and Digital PR, we were able to replicate the success in international markets.


First Year's Increase in Organic Traffic


Second Year's Increase in Goal Completions*


First Peak Season's Increase in Site Traffic


Increase in Organic Keywords Ranked Within the Top 20 of Google

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