How Much Does It Cost for Our Digital Marketing Services?

How Much Does It Cost for Our Digital Marketing Services?

At Lupeer, we believe the price of our services should be based on the value our clients receive. It’s not enough for us to deliver an asset, it’s that the asset adds value to your business. When you invest in Lupeer, you’ll experience more than just a deliverable. We work with you to determine the types of assets that should be developed, the channel you should be developing it for, launching it within, and the creative assessment of data that guides it. Our value-based pricing model allows our relationship to be mutually beneficial, profitable, and enjoyable.

What is value-based pricing?

This method of pricing quantifies the value that Lupeer can bring in a way that is relatable to a company’s profitability. Instead of talking about packages or billable hours, we want to get to what matters most — your goals, pain points, and KPI’s. This allows us to position ourselves as your trusted marketing advisor.

How does this differ from cost-based pricing?

Cost-based pricing tends to distract from the value a digital marketing agency adds to your bottom line. Itemized, a la carte deliverables have no life. They’re just delivered assets. At Lupeer, we thrive on life beyond the deliverable. This includes reporting, demographic study, and creative minds, each of which are difficult to quantify. Cost-based pricing doesn’t account for KPIs, keyword study, research, and new initiatives. Attaching an hourly rate would be extensively more expensive than what we commonly quote out.

As an agency, we take pride in the trust we build with our clients. We have years of client data to prove our top-tier performance level. Our track record, talent, and creativity allows us to deliver on performance.

Our value-based agreements are customized on a case-by-case basis. To arrive at a price, we agree to the value that will be generated as a result of our efforts. Payment terms depend on the amount of work being done, but are generally in the form of monthly installments.

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