Being able to see the success of your website is key. This is where analytics come in. Analytics allow you to track how potential customers are responding to your website or not responding to your website. Analytics can track your audience’s engagement and conversion rates, this way adjustments can be made to your website so that it will be sure to get the response you’re looking for from potential customers.


A/B Testing

A/B testing is comparing two versions of a webpage to see which one performs better. The (A) page is the control page and (B) page is visually almost identical, but has a different visual feature somewhere on the page. Then analytic tools measure which page customers respond to more. Simple changes like the color or placement of a “Contact Us” button can make a major difference in engagement. By seeing what changes potential customers respond well to these changes can then be implemented on the site.

Heat Mapping

Heat mapping allows you to see what spots users are looking at the most on your website and where their attention is drawn to the most. Heat mapping allows you to see what elements are getting the most taps and what elements are being ignored by potential customers.

Also find out how far down users are scrolling. If your call to action is at the bottom of your page, but then users are only scrolling down halfway, it’s not doing you a lot of good. With heat mapping you can see when users start to lose interest and eventually leave the page and then make necessary changes. It also allows you to see which links that users are responding well to and which they are hesitating on clicking and which they are avoiding.

Analytics allow you to see what is and what isn’t working when users click on your website. Through A/B testing and heat mapping you can get a better understanding of what your users are responding to and what is driving them away. Then from there you can make improvements, increasing your website’s usability and get more responses to your CTAs


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