How Do I Capture Their Attention?

You will never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure your website gives a good one. Page Design can make or break whether a viewer stays on your website or not. So it is important to have a well designed website that will get the viewers to stay and read.


Potential customers want to be able to easily find what they’re looking for and if your website is not user friendly you will quickly lose them to another website that is easier to navigate. Viewers eyes automatically are drawn to the top left corner of a page so it’s important to put the information you want seen the most there. The most important information should also be above the fold. Users draw their opinions before they decide to keep scrolling or not so making sure the content is telling them what they’re looking for is important. Don’t make them have to click on 10 different pages to look at a picture or find the information they’re looking for. Nobody likes pagination and not being able to easily access the information they want is going to cause them to leave the website.


Looks Matter

Your website represents your company determine a viewer’s decision to turn into a customer. Making sure your website is visually appealing and has quality content alongside of it is important. Picking the right fonts and colors seem like a minor detail but for the overall look of your website they are necessary. Although design is important, content is key. In this fast paced world people want to get the information they want as quickly as possible. Make sure that your content is as clear as possible with the key information being accessible. Nothing is a bigger eyesore to a website than a typo. A non-edited website makes your company look less credible and can lose the potential of future customers.

Avoid at all Costs

People will leave your website for several different reasons, you may not be what they’re looking for or they might still need to think about if they want your service before committing, but don’t let your website design be the reason. Do not use autosound on your website, this will most likely result in immediately annoying your potential customer and even making them leave your website. Another big no no is popups. No one wants to be bombarded with CTAs about joining your email list, etc. when they haven’t even been able to look at your homepage. Furthermore, make sure that your website loads efficiently. Patience wears thin when people are searching for something on the internet. Unless they are REALLY committed to learning about your company they’ll most likely search elsewhere if your website is too slow.


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