What is the Goal of Your Website?
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What is the Goal of Your Website?

The goal of a website is to ultimately move potential customers from being aware of your company or product to actually buying your product or hiring you for the service you provide. In order to do this, a site must be intriguing to a potential customer and make them want to stay on the page.


Use a friendly and relevant design when creating a website. In order to achieve the end goal of the site users need to want to stay on the site. Place navigation bars near the top of page where users can easily go to find more information. Having a complicated frustrating design will only cause potential customers to run off to a competitors website. Make sure that the audience is kept in mind when designing a website. Do not have a black and white bland website when trying to sell children’s toys, and don’t expect a customer to take your website seriously if you are using an abstract colorful design for a bank.

Keep the Customer In Mind

A site should educate the potential customer about the product and service they provide right on their homepage. Having a flashy 10 minute video is not something that customers want to deal with and will in most cases cause them to leave a website. Having a sleek but simple website is the perfect way to reach the end goal of your website, getting a customer to buy your product or service.


What is the Goal of Your Website?

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