How People Find Your Website

With a simple search, you can find the answer to where the best place to get coffee is in town or fun things to do in your area. Search engines will give you hundreds of websites but everyone knows that users only look at the first page. So how do people find your website? And how do you rank higher in search results? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the secret behind this.

Say you’re a coffee shop. When your potential customer first searches “Coffee shops near me” the search engine will work as a spider, crawling the internet for links that are most relevant to this search. Ideally, you want this “spider” to find your website and hopefully boost you towards the top of their search.

The keywords that are in your links, title tags, and meta descriptions are what the search engine looks for as well as relevant content that matches what the user is looking for.

How To Be Page #1 on Google

Making sure that keywords fit your business will draw in the visitor that you want visiting your website. It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality. The goal is not to have as many visitors as possible but rather the right kind of visitor on your webpage. Placing perfect keywords for the right visitor naturally throughout your website will help them find your page and become your customer rather than filling your website with most used keywords and attracting visitors that are just going to glance at your page.

Title Tag and Meta Description optimization is another key element to being on the #1 page. By again using the right keywords in the title tags and meta descriptions potential customers will be led right to your page. Title tags and Meta descriptions essentially describe the page to the search engines and they filter out websites that pertain to what the user searched by the keywords used in these descriptions. That’s why keywords are so important to SEO.

How to keep people on your Website

SEO plays an important role in getting to your website but making people stay is another story. That’s why having a good design and good content is key. SEO brings the right visitor to your page and then it’s your webpages job to do the rest and secure the right customer. Once again you don’t want to attract customers that are just going to look and leave, you want to attract customers with quality content that will drive them to keep reading and searching through your website.


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