What Do People Look For In Your Website?

Once you get people to go on to your website you want to keep them there. To be honest no one probably reads your entire website. Instead they skim it over seeing if it has the information they want and then if they find it with ease they’ll stay and read more in depth. So how do you get them hooked and reel them in? Take into consideration how potential customers find a website as well as how long they stay before deciding if this site is the one for them. This is where analytics come in.



Analytics give you the power to see that people are responding well to your page. They measure not only your web traffic but also to see the effectiveness of your website. Being able to track how potential customers are engaging with your website and social media are vital to a company. This way you can see what website users are responding to well and what needs some tweaking. Seeing what kind of traffic comes to your website is useful for further edits and changes. Analytics can measure whether the audience is coming to your website based on: referral – the amount of users that are sent to your site from another site organic – any traffic that isn’t paid for directly, users paid – traffic that derives from AdWords and other paid advertising By looking at these measurements you can see what brings you the most traffic and what you should be spending more time on, and also what brings you the least traffic and what you should focus less on. What are People looking at? Once a potential customer arrives at your website watch to see what they look at and what most importantly gets them to stay and become a customer. Analytics can help you track what your customer looks at first and help you improve your website so you can get them to look at what you want their eye to draw to first. By evaluating the navigation of your website you can see if it clearly leads the customers to your CTAs (call to actions) or what needs to be improved. Analytics also give you the power to track what else is leading site viewers to become customers. Analytics show what events such as viewing a certain page or reading an infographic leads to a sale.


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