PPC Fundamentals

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising allows you to promote your business into the top positions on search engines and social sites. PPC allows you to target your ads to the audience you want, generating more views and eventually sales of the products or services that you are advertising.

Every time the ad is clicked on you have to pay the search engine a small fee. However in the scheme of things these payments seem miniscule. For example if you have to pay $1 every time someone clicks on the ad, but then you make a $500 sale then the profit you make is definitely worth it.

Running a successful PPC campaign takes a lot of research: selecting the correct keywords, testing, evaluation, and setting up correct PPC landing pages that are perfect for creating conversions. If your ads and landing pages are useful to users then search engines reward you by charging you less for ad clicks.


The Cost of PPC

Analytics tracking will allow you to determine the CPA (cost per aquisition) of your PPC campaign as well as calculate your return on investment.

The cost of PPC will depend on what kind of business the ad is for. In order to display the ad on search engines advertisers bid on the keywords that are related to the product or service they are trying to promote. For example if you are a dog walker you may bid on keywords like “dog walking”, “dog walker”, “dog care services”. Bid costs will range in cost for a variety of reasons like how popular the keyword is. For example the loan industry has some of the most expensive keywords in PPC because the search volume is so high.

In order to gain revenue from PPC it is important to keep a close eye on your campaign. Once you see how keywords are doing you can start raising bids on strong performing keywords and pause poorly performing keywords that have low quality scores.

Continuing to manage your PPC campaigns and making sure that the keywords you’re using are targeting the right customer will ensure a boost in potential customer interest on your site.


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