A/B Testing

A/B testing is when you design two websites then test the response rates to see which design site viewers respond better to. By testing the sites you can see what design potential customers respond better to and help you get better conversion rates. A/B Testing allows you to measure if the changes you made are driving results.

You can test a variety of things through A/B Testing like:

  • Headlines
  • sub headlines
  • content
  • Call to Action Buttons
  • Images
  • Links
  • Testimonials

In order to set up an A/B test you must first think of goal such as ‘changing the placement of the Call to Action button will increase lead generations’. Then once the goal is set you put the test into place having a control page (A) then changing the placement of your CTA on the test page (B). After that use analytics to test the conversion rate of your page and see if what you thought is actually true.

A/B testing is an easy way to show real proof that a change in design can make all the difference with conversion rates.


Heat Mapping

Heat maps are perfect for seeing what your website visitors are most attracted to on your webpage and what they spend most of their time looking at. You can see what customers are going to the most and what they are attracted to least and make improvements to the sections that you want to get more attention.

Heat maps lead to invaluable insight about your web page. Some general heat mapping findings are that:

  1. Most important content should be at the top of your web page. mot of visitors time is spent reading above the fold and from there they decide if your page is worth their time to scroll through more.
  1. The end of the web page is just as important. The last thing a person views on your page will stick with them so make sure that the content and design turns the viewer into a customer
  1. The left side is the best side. The left side of your page is looked at first and more than the right side of the page. Place important information like your CTA and information on the left side of a web page.

There are many other insights that heat mapping can tell you about your web page such as if a banner is working, are the pictures capturing the attention of your customers, what colors are working and what aren’t, are people scrolling past the fold on your website, etc.

By using A/B testing and heat mapping you can see what customers are looking at and more importantly what they aren’t and make changes from there. These results can help you improve your website and your conversion rates.


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