Digital PR

Digital PR

Digital Public Relations Strategies

Digital PR efforts are thoroughly scouted and analyzed before being executed. One of the biggest differences between Digital PR and Traditional PR comes down to the fact that traditional practices measure success by placement on major publications with high circulation. Viewership is only one factor considered in Digital PR.

A successful opportunity is classified as a having a strong correlation between audiences, qualifying domain authority, and earned through relationships.

Content Creation

Your site exists because of content, and thrives when your content offers an experience. Well crafted content focuses on your audience, offering helpful and intriguing content at every stage of the marketing funnel. Our content marketing campaigns let you offer custom curated strategies designed to fit your needs.   

Network Placement

Increase industry market share through original and compelling campaigns. Content is interpreted differently for every industry, niche and source. Generating interest across networks is a key element. This facilitates placement and expands visibility beyond your existing audience, reaching new and potential audiences.

Relationship Nurturing

Sharing content across networks doesn’t just happen, it’s tactical. Our extensive list of resources generates interest, facilitates collaboration, and garners placement. Placement across verticals increases brand awareness while contributing to your overall site health and reputation.

Off Site Monitoring

Sometimes content goes viral. Content that receives placement from major publishers will often see an influx of smaller placements or requests for placement. Even if the content isn’t placed by us directly, we still know about it. All incoming links are monitored to ensure the relationship is mutually beneficial.

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