Paid Search

Paid Search

Pay Per Click Strategies

PPC campaigns facilitate brand growth through increased awareness and direct conversions. Ability to manage the audience reach, spend, and content type allows for complete control within the search network. Leverage paid opportunities on major networks and search networks to increase niche market share.

Optimizing campaign spend is the goal. Highly focused ad content is how we get there.

Management & Maintenance

Control your brand’s visibility in the paid marketplace with regular bid management and budget optimization. Daily, weekly, and monthly projects will expand site-targeted campaigns, reduce spending on low performance ad groups, and reallocate budget so that you see your return on investment.

AdWords Certified

With our AdWords Certification, we work to provide insight on all PPC efforts. Daily initiatives are closely monitored and evaluated against Google’s Best Practices. We create consistency between paid search marketing campaigns and the landing page experience.

Social Consulting

Paid advertising expands beyond the traditional content networks. Advertising across social channels is more sophisticated than ever before. With the intelligence to hyper-target key audiences, your budget can go further.

Remarketing Configuration

Put your budget to work by segmenting your website users. Remarketing ads are a huge asset when tailored to your different audience groups. Help your users pick up where they left off by broadening your reach on Google content networks with standardized ad formats and consistent messaging.

Are you paying more for clicks than you ought?